Macrame Supplies List: Everything You Need to Get Started - Wild River Workshop (2023)

Macrame has been a massive trend for years, and is poised to grow even more in 2021 and beyond. Interested in learning macrame? This checklist will help you get started tying some knots quickly, and have you ready to create all the macrame projects you could ever dream of! Read on to learn about and find recommendations on all the materials you need to start your first macrame project!

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Macramé Supplies Checklist: The Basics

If you’re getting started with macrame, you’ll need (at minimum) all of the following:

  • Macrame Cord,
  • Dowel Rods,
  • Wooden Rings,
  • Scissors,
  • and Macrame Tutorials/Plans.

Macramé Cord

As a fiber artist myself, one of the most common questions I get from others is, “where do you get the yarn for your macrame art?” Although this might seem like a simple question, it actually is quite difficult to find the authentic macrame cord you see used in projects on Pinterest.

The natural cotton rope used in your favorite Pinterest macrame pieces is not sold in most of the chain craft stores (Joanns, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels), so I recommend looking online. There are fantastic fiber artists on Etsy that sell their own cotton cord so you know you are getting the highest quality, however if you don’t have the budget, there are also some amazing affordable cotton rope options on amazon that are also sold by fellow fiber artists!

There are three different types of macrame cord, and many different sizes. You can find braided, three strand, and single strand cord, and the type you choose is decided by your tastes and the needs of your project. Choosing the best cord is the most crucial part of creating your dream macrame masterpiece. Macrame is all about texture, and so deciding which type of macrame cord you want to work with will play the biggest role in determining the look of your creation!

In terms of size, the cord is typically measured in millimeters for thickness, and the smaller the rope, the more refined it will look as well as the time it will take for you to make your project. I recommend 3mm as a good starting size!

Braided rope is going to be more sturdy, but it will be very difficult to add any fringe. Braided rope is great projects you want a very defined texture! Find Braided Macrame Rope Here!

Three-Strand Rope is probably the most commonly used, and the reason for this is that it’s more flexible then braided rope and more sturdy than the single strand. It’s versatile, easy to work with, and looks great in a variety of projects. Find Three-Strand Macrame Rope Here!

Last but not least, we have single-strand macrame cord! This is probably my favorite type of cord because it is the easiest to fringe at the end and has an overall simpler look. I use this single-strand cord in most of my personal projects, and I absolutely love it. I think I’ve re-ordered it at least 4 times already!

Sometimes, it’s fun to combine different types of macrame cord and rope into the same project. Here is a photo of a macrame piece that combined single stand rope and braided rope for a unique and cool look:

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Dowel Rods (for Wall Hangings)

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If you’re making a wall hanging, you need a good dowel rod– a wooden rod that forms the basis of many macrame projects. . Think of your dowel rod as your blank canvas. It is the start of your beautiful piece, and the options are endless! The size of your dowel rod determines the size of your macrame piece.

So, if you want your macrame wall hanging to take up a big portion of your wall, you will need a very long rod, and vice versa for a small piece. If you are going for a more natural vibe, you can also find lots of cool sticks and branches in nature! My personal favorite is driftwood, but driftwood can be difficult to find if you don’t live by the ocean.

Wooden Rings (For Plant Hangers)

Plant hangers are one of the trendiest things going on right now on the web. They are decorative, modern, and fun! If you’re trying to figure out where to put all the plants you can’t stop buying, it might be time to hang a few of them and learn the incredibly fun world of macrame!

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So, if you’re going to make a plant hanger, wooden rings are going to be your saving grace for making a professional looking plant hanger. The wooden rings will serve as your dowel, allowing the starting point for your hanger while also providing a place to rest your plant hanger on a hook!

Find Wooden Rings for Macrame Here!

Scissors That Can Cut Macramé Cord

When it comes to scissors, all that really matters is that they are sharp. Very sharp. Having dull scissors will leave your rope looking frayed and uneven. The sharper the scissors, the crisper and more even your rope will look, and for many pieces, the end free rope is the most important part of your piece. These are the scissors I use, and they’ve never let me down!

Other Items You Might Not Think Of


For creating fringe for your macrame project once completed. A lot of fiber artists will comb out the remaining macrame rope at the end of their project to go for a seamless “fringe” look. Whether or not you go for that look is up to your preferences, but having a comb dedicated to macrame is a must if you do go that route! (You definitely don’t want to use the same comb on your hair and on your macrame…)


For smaller wall hangings and plant hangers, it is easiest to tape the start of your project on a surface to work from. Without your project secured down, rope will get tangled, and the pulling of the knots will leave your project flying everywhere. Another thing I’ve done that I’ve found helpful for larger projects is hanging it on a rack or hooks you might have in your home. If you have windows that have curtains, you can use the curtain hooks as a place to put your dowel and work from there!


Many people love incorporating beads in their projects, but that is totally optional. Many people use wooden beads, but you can really use whatever beads that the rope can fit through! Using beads gives your macrame pieces a bit more visual texture, making them feel dynamic and lively.

Macramé Tutorials/Plans

Macrame is so much fun, and so beginner friendly! It can feel overwhelming figuring out where to start, which is why we have a whole other article dedicated to guiding you to the best macrame resources on the web! I will say out of all the free places to learn, my personal favorite is Lots of Knots Canada! She makes it look so simple, and has endless amounts of beautiful tutorials, all for free!

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve got your macrame supplies list all filled out, you have only one thing left to do: MAKE MACRAME! The hardest part of doing anything is starting, macrame included. If you’re struggling to start, use some free tutorials and plans to get started, and always remember that you can start over if it isn’t going well. With a little bit of practice, though, you can become a Master of Macrame!

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