Macrame for Beginners - Learn all the basic knots in just 5 minutes | Macrame for Beginners (2023)

Did you know it’s really easy to learn how to Macrame? It only takes a few basic knots tocreate your very first macrame project. Start today with my Macrame for Beginners Guide.

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Macrame for Beginners Guide

When I first got interested in Macrame, I actually thought it was super complicated to create my own wall hanging or planter. But guess what, I only needed to watch one 5-minute long YouTube video to figure out how to tie all the basic Macrame knots and I was ready to go.

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Learn how to Macrame

In this comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Macrame, I’ll try to answer all your most burning questions and teach you everything you need to know before you get started with your very first Macrame project.

  • What is Macrame?
  • What can you make with Macrame
  • What do you need to Macrame?
  • What are the basic Macrame knots and terms?
  • What rope should I use for my Macrame project?
  • Where can I buy the best Macrame supplies?
  • What are the best beginner tips?
  • Where can I find free Macrame patterns?

What is Macrame?

Macrame is considered a fiber art where you tie your cords in a specific series of different knots to create beautiful patterns. It’s believed to have originated with 13th-century Arab weavers before it spread across the globe.

Most people know Macrame from the craze back in the seventies, where many (hippie) homes were decorated with gorgeous wall hangings and cute macrame planters.

Modern macrame, as some like to call the latest comeback of this popular knotting technique, can be seen anywhere nowadays. From pillow covers at H&M to gorgeous Macrame bags and jewelry pieces on the runway during the NY Fashion Week. Combined with natural elements such as crystals and shells, this newest form of Macrame is here to stay!

(Video) 16 Easy Macrame Knot Tutorial | Macrame Basic Knot

Is Macrame easy to learn?

When you start off slow and first learn the basic knots, you will quickly notice how easy it actually is to learn Macrame. Don’t rush into complicated patterns or big projects, but pick a small and easy Macrame project for beginners to practice your basic knots and slowly work yourself up to knot more complicated patterns.

Join the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group!

Therefore I’ve created the Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place where you can learn new knots & patterns, ask all your questions, and share your latest creations with our lovely & positive Macrame community. Come and join us; we’re happy to help you out!

What can you make with Macrame?

From tiny bookmarks to a big swinging chair and everything in between, with Macrame you can basically make anything your heart desires. Most people love to create their own Macrame wall hanging or work on smaller Macrame home decor projects like Macrame planters, Macrame keychains, and Macrame rainbows.

Just remember, all you need is some Macrame cord and you’re ready to go! Here are some examples of gorgeous Macrame projects that are pretty easy to make.

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What do you need to Macrame?

  • Macrame Cord: You can use any kind of cord, twine, or rope. Most projects are created with rope made out of cotton, hemp, jute, or synthetic material which come in different sizes, twists, and colors.
  • Rod: You’ll need something to tie your knots to. To save costs, you can start your first project on a branch. Other popular choices include dowel rods, hoops, and rings.
  • Scissors

Wondering how to build the perfect Macrame Workstation? Here’s a list with my 10 favorite essential Macrame tools.

Macrame terms

  • Working Cord: The cord or cords that you use to make the knots.
  • Filler Cord:The cord or cords that your knots wrap around.

What are the basic Macrame knots?

Macrame for Beginners - Learn all the basic knots in just 5 minutes | Macrame for Beginners (3)

There are many different knots in Macrame but you only need to master the basic knots to get started on your first project. Keep practicing your knotting technique by picking different projects and start adding more complex knots once you feel ready. These are the knots you need to know:

  • Lark’s Head knot
  • Square knot
  • Spiral knot
  • Half hitch
  • Double half hitch

I could try to explain how to tie each knot but it’s much easier to learn by seeing someone else do it. This YouTube video by Hallmark stylist Andy Newcom was a great help when I just started out and perfectly teaches you how to tie all the basic Macrame knots in just 5 minutes.

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What rope should I use for my Macrame project?

Most fiber artists prefer working with high-quality cotton rope because it’s strong and durable and makes your projects look amazing. Cotton rope is also easy to unravel so you can turn the ends into a lovely fringe.

Cotton rope is available in three types: Single strand, braided and twisted. Braided cotton rope consists of 6 strands (or more) braided into one single rope. Twisted cotton rope consists of 3 strands (also known as 3-ply) twisted around each other.

Other options are nylon, silk, hemp or acrylic cords. Check out my shopping guide to discover all the best brands for your Macrame supplies.

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What size cord is best for Macrame?

The thickness of themacrame cordis usually indicated in millimeters (mm). When it comes to picking the right diameter of rope for your project, I recommend using a standard medium-sized Macrame cord of at least 3-5mm.

If you want to design a giant wall piece, you could go up to 8mm, and for tiny projects like bracelets, I recommend staying under 2mm.

You can check out myMacrame Supplies Guideto find the perfect cord for your next Macrame project!

How to Easily Estimate Macrame Cord Lengths

Although it might seem a bit difficult at first, you’ll get a lot better at calculating the best cord lengths for your Macrame projects once you’ve created some. I’ve written a Beginner’s Guide on the subject if you want to know more about how to easily estimate your Macrame cord lengths.

(Video) Macrame Plant Hanger For Beginners (Easy DIY Tutorial!)

Easy DIY Macrame Beginner Projects

To help you get started, I’ve created a list ofEasy Beginner Projectswith video tutorials from some of the best Macrame teachers on YouTube. Each project is provided with allthe correct measurementsso you can start knotting right away!

  • 15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners
  • 12 Easy DIY Macrame Jewelry Projects for Beginners
  • 16 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners
  • 15 Easy DIY Macrame Bags, Purses and Clutches for Beginners

Where can I buy the best Macrame supplies?

Whether you’re searching for ropes, dowels, rods, hoops, natural branches, or colorful beads, Etsy is the go-to place for all your Macrame needs. You can find a list of all the best quality Macrame ropes and cords in my Macrame Supplies Shopping Guide.

10 Best Macrame for Beginners Tips

Before you get started on your first Macrame project, I wanted to share some last words of wisdom with you. Here are my 10 best Macrame tips for beginners:

  1. Use good quality cotton rope
  2. Learn the basic knots first
  3. Start off with
  4. Be patient, speed will come
  5. Keep your rope tension even
  6. Save your leftover rope for later projects
  7. Challenge yourself by learning new knots
  8. Calculate some extra rope for a pretty fringe
  9. Join my Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group and share your work
  10. Follow MFB on Pinterest and Instagram for more daily inspiration and tips

Where can I find free Macrame patterns?

You can find all the easy Macrame for Beginners projects, including helpful YouTube tutorials to show you how to tie each knot and figure out the patterns, right here on my blog. Here are some of my favorites easy Macrame beginner projects to get you started:

  • 15 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners
  • 12 Easy DIY Macrame Jewelry Projects for Beginners
  • 16 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners
  • 15 Easy DIY Macrame Bags, Purses and Clutches for Beginners

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Macrame for Beginners - Learn all the basic knots in just 5 minutes | Macrame for Beginners (6)

About Macrame for Beginners

Welcome to my blog,, where I love teaching and inspiring you to create beautiful Macrame decorations.

(Video) 3 BASIC MACRAME KNOTS | Must-know for beginners

New to Macrame? No worries, it’s super fun to learn! Follow my 3 Easy Steps and download my FREE MACRAME KNOT GUIDE to start!

We work with the best Macrame teachers!
Macrame for Beginners has teamed up with the best online Macrame teachers so we can provide you with FREE high-quality tutorials. Learn how to make everything you’ve always dreamed of and discover all 1000+ free patterns!

Watch my Latest YouTube Tutorial

This cute Macrame Plant Hanger is easy to make and only uses 3 easy knots. Subscribe to theMacrame for Beginners YouTube channelfor more fun beginner tutorials!

Macrame for Beginners - Learn all the basic knots in just 5 minutes | Macrame for Beginners (7)

Check out these Easy Macrame Beginner Projects for more inspiration, and read my Shopping Guide for the best Macrame supplies!

Happy Knotting!



What are the 3 basic macrame knots? ›

Today I will show you the three most common macrame knots, the square knot, the spiral knot and the half-hitch knot. By knowing just these three basic knots you will be able to create your own unique piece of macrame that will fit your taste and style.

What is the easiest thing to macrame? ›

Larks-head Knot:

Take the end strings and pull them through the loop and tighten. This type of knot is by far the easiest and is a super easy way to start a macrame project.

What is the most basic knot? ›

One of the most basic knots is the square knot, which is a type of end knot. This knot is useful tying up bundles and packages. It is also used for first aid, where it can be used to tie a bandage around a wound to stop the bleeding quickly.

How do you make a beginner knot? ›

  1. Create an overhand loop in the rope. ...
  2. Take the working end and thread through the loop made in step one. ...
  3. Pass the working end around the back of the standing end.
  4. Thread the working end through the top of the loop created in step one.
  5. Hold onto to loop and the working end, then pull tight to finish the knot.

What is the best macrame cord for beginners? ›

3-ply cotton rope is perfect for beginners. This is the most popular macrame cord and it's made from 3 individual strands twisted together to make one rope. It's very versatile and can be used for any macrame project from wall hangings to clothing to home decorations.

What is the most common macrame knot? ›

Half Hitch Knots can also be worked from left-to-right or right-to-left. The ease and versatility of this knot make it one of the most common macrame knots.

How many basic knots are there? ›

With that in mind, the number of knots could be infinite. But, there are three basic types. Knots: Basic knots tie two ends of rope, cordage, or other flexible material together. Hitches: Hitches are used to tie rope around an object, such as a pole, stick, bumper, or other object.

Which one is the most common knots used in macrame? ›

Macrame came over to England in the 17th century and has been around ever since! The most common macrame knot is the square knot (we teach you how to do this later) and it makes up the base of most designs.

What is the most common knot that usually used to have a creative and unique macrame products such as bags and baskets? ›

Square knots are commonly used in macramé to create patterns in your work. You will need at least 4 cords to tie a square knot.


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