Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow? - (2023)

Wondering if Vaseline can help grow your non-existent eyelashes like it helped with your chapped lips? Explore the truth of Vaseline on eyelashes with us!

Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow? - (1)

Keeping gender biases aside, longer eyelashes are something every girl wants. Longer, thicker eyelashes add a peculiar charm to eyes, and that’s the reason why they are so obsessed with products like mascara, lash serum, etc., to make them heaven-defyingly gorgeous.

Amidst this constant urge to make eyelashes look naturally beautiful, questions like “does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?” are bound to appear. Part of the reason is that it’s readily available in almost every American household, and it has always worked like a charm!

But does Vaseline actually make your eyelashes grow? Find all your answers below.

Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

Be it healing scars or moisturizing skin, petroleum jelly products like Vaseline help treat multiple skin conditions[1]. However, for those of you living under the rock who have no idea about Vaseline, here’s what you need to know: It is a petroleum jelly brand. It’s made of white petrolatum, which is known for its non-irritating and non-sensitizing properties on the skin.

But does it actually exhibit its wonders to make eyelashes grow too? Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but no! Besides healing a number of skin problems, Vaseline doesn’t have properties that promote eyelash growth.

But don’t get disappointed too soon as it does promote healthy lashes. If your eyelashes are dry or brittle and you’re experiencing lash breakage, then Vaseline can help maintain long, luscious eyelashes.

Vaseline on eyelashes will restore the natural beauty of your eyelashes and make them healthier. If you have sensitive skin that is allergic to most cosmetic products, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Vaseline is known for its non-irritating properties and rarely damages the skin[2].

So, although Vaseline won’t make your eyelashes grow, it will definitely make them look shiny, thicker, and healthier.

How To Have Longer Eyelashes With Vaseline?

Even though Vaseline doesn’t directly aid in lash growth like other products which are made for the purpose, it indirectly encourages it. It seals in moisture by keeping your lashes hydrated, so they don’t become dry and break.

Vaseline helps reduce eyelash breakage by moisturizing hair follicles, which gives off the illusion of thicker and longer eyelashes. Here’s how you can apply Vaseline on eyelashes to make them look fuller and shiny.

Step 1: Find an old mascara wand and clean it.

The process of effectively applying Vaseline on eyelashes starts with finding an old mascara wand. Although you can directly apply the product to your eyelashes, it’s not recommended as it’s not clean. Plus, you can get Vaseline all over your eyes which can pose a risk.

Once you find the old mascara wand, clean it thoroughly and remove all traces of dried mascara from it. Cleaning with lukewarm water and then dipping the wand in isopropyl alcohol will effectively remove dried mascara from the wand. Isopropyl alcohol is known for its antibacterial properties and is widely used for cleaning beauty products [3].

Step 2: Wash your face and hands thoroughly.

After you’re done cleaning the mascara wand, it’s time to clean your face and hands. Applying any product on an unclean face with dirty hands is not only unhygienic but also leads to breakouts or other skin problems.

So, wash your face and remove any traces of eye makeup thoroughly before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 3: Apply Vaseline to the mascara wand

Take your clean mascara wand and make sure it’s dry before transferring Vaseline on it. If not, dab it on a clean paper or towel to dry it, and then apply Vaseline to it. To make Vaseline less thick, rub the product with your clean fingers first and then transfer it to the wand.

Wipe off any excess product on the wand to make sure you’re not applying too much. More product can make your eyes heavy, and it’s uncomfortable in general. So, don’t overdo it.

Step 4: Apply Vaseline on your upper and lower lashes

The last step of this process is the final application. Apply the Vaseline-coated wand on your upper lashes first, just like you apply mascara. Remember to coat both sides of the lashes with the product. After you’re done applying Vaseline to your upper lashes, proceed to do the same on the lower lash line.

Once you do this, your eyelashes will clump together. So, don’t overapply and only apply a thin coat so that you can sleep comfortably without messing the sheets. Also, if you have sensitive skin, test Vaseline on your skin before applying it to the lashes. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Lastly, wash your face in the morning and repeat this process daily at night to get fuller, moisturized, healthy, and thicker lashes.

Ways To Grow Eyelashes With Vaseline

Vaseline alone can not make your eyelashes grow; however, using it with other natural products that promote hair growth will surely help in getting those dreamy lashes.

These natural ingredients are known to boost lash growth and density. Here are the natural essential oils that you can try with Vaseline to have longer lashes.

  • Vaseline + Coconut Oil
  • Vaseline + Vitamin E Oil
  • Vaseline + Castor Oil
  • Vaseline + Olive Oil

Benefits Of Using Vaseline On Eyelashes

Some of the common benefits of using Vaseline on eyelashes and eyelids are mentioned below.

1. Simple And Easy To Use

Applying Vaseline on eyelashes is a simple process, and you don’t have to do or prepare much before it. All you need is a clean mascara wand and Vaseline, and that’s it! Nothing much to do.

2. Inexpensive

Vaseline is an inexpensive alternative compared to expensive lash serums available in the market. There are high chances that it will be nicely kept in your mother’s cabinet, and all you have to do is grab it.

3. Locks Moisture

Vaseline is an excellent product when it comes to hydrating skin and hair follicles. It doesn’t absorb into the skin and provides a thick layer that seals in moisture [4]. By doing this, you can reduce the chances of lash breakage and make them healthier.

4. Makes Eyelashes Healthier And Thicker

Many people have reported thicker lashes after regular application of Vaseline. A thin layer applied at night on the ends of the lashes prevents lash breakages and keeps them hydrated.

5. Safe Product For Sensitive Skin

Very few people have reported allergic reactions after putting Vaseline on their skin and lashes. So, it’s a safe product for people with sensitive skin. Still, as a precaution, testing the product before applying is advised.

6. Can Be Used With Other Products

Vaseline is a versatile product and can be paired with almost anything. If you’re using Vaseline in hopes of making your eyelashes grow, then using Vaseline with castor oil or other natural oils might work to promote lash growth.

Drawbacks Of Using Vaseline On Eyelashes

Aside from good, there are some downsides to using Vaseline too. Here are some of these drawbacks.

1. Feels Thick And Sticky

The consistency and texture of Vaseline is thick, and it feels sticky when applied to lashes. Moreover, the product clumps up in lashes, making the whole experience unpleasant.

2. Traps Dirt

If you apply Vaseline directly on dirty skin or with dirty hands, then it can result in breakouts. Besides that, you can get a stye (infection) on your eyes due to unhygienic application. Thus, good hygiene is important while applying Vaseline on your lashes or anywhere in general.

3. Ineffective Against Wrinkles

Some people apply Vaseline around their eyes while putting the product on their lashes in hopes that it will miraculously cure their wrinkles. However, that’s not how Vaseline works. Vaseline doesn’t have anti-aging properties like peptides or retinoids, which effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Not Good For Acne-Prone Skin

Vaseline sits atop the skin layer and clogs pores and impurities if applied to unclean skin. Moreover, if you go out wearing Vaseline, then the dirt will stick to your skin, worsening the condition. Thus, it’s better to avoid Vaseline if you have acne-prone and sensitive skin as it will lead to breakouts.

What Makes Eyelash Grow Other Than Vaseline?

It becomes a hassle to wear mascara and fake eyelashes every day. Sometimes we just want to look natural. But it’s pretty vexing when fellows look at our natural eyes with non-existent eyelashes and say – “just woke up?” or “are you alright?” or worse, “broke up?” Oh, I didn’t, but that’s not the point.

We want a day off makeup while desiring a full set of naturally long eyelashes. Even though the idea of permanent lash extensions seems tempting, they are quite expensive. So, what could be done? A lot of things!

From natural remedies to medication to OTC lash products, there are many things that you can try to make your eyelashes longer.

1. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are cost-effective, simple, and can be done in the comfort of your home without any adverse reaction. Take a look at popular products that have proven effective for people desiring longer and fuller eyelashes.

As a side note, we would like to emphasize that some of you might be allergic to some of these natural products. So, it’s better to test them out first and apply them later. Moreover, there are no overnight results when it comes to natural remedies. Therefore, enjoy the process and wait a month or two to notice any significant changes in your lashes.

A. Coconut Oil

The anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of coconut oil are not a secret. From hydration to protection against bacteria to promoting protein retention in hair follicles, there are many benefits of applying coconut oil to hair [5].

Therefore, there are high chances that coconut oil can make your eyelashes grow too. Some people have also vouched for its effectiveness. And the best part, it’s safe to apply and doesn’t cause any harm to your skin or hair. Though you should still skin test it beforehand to avoid any adverse effects.

B. Castor Oil

Castor oil, unlike Vaseline, is used in multiple skin care products due to its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. People all over the globe have long been using castor oil to treat numerous skin conditions, and rightfully so.

So, it comes without a doubt that using castor oil on your lashes can make them fuller or even make them longer. Although there is no proven evidence regarding castor oil and possible eyelash growth, a study did find the possibility of castor oil in reversing hair loss [6].

C. Rosemary Oil

Known worldwide for its aromatic properties, rosemary oil is good for your lashes too. It improves blood circulation and is known for effectively treating androgenetic alopecia [7]. So, needless to say, it may help in your eyelash growth too.

Apart from this, some research even indicates that rosemary oil does promote lash growth by improving blood circulation. As it has antimicrobial properties, you don’t have to worry about infections and try it out to see if it helps.

D. Eyelid Massage

Gently massaging the eyelid area with fingers improves blood circulation, which is good for eyelashes to grow. Although there’s not much evidence regarding eyelid massages and their effect on lash growth, still it isn’t harmful to try, right?

2. Medication – Bimatoprost (Latisse)

The sure way of getting longer eyelashes is obviously using scientifically proven and FDA-tested medication. One such medicine that is known to make eyelashes grow is – Bimatoprost (Latisse). But you’ll be surprised to know that this wasn’t the real intention of this medication, as it was developed to treat glaucoma. Eyelash growth was a happy little side-effect!

Upon your physician’s prescription, you can start using Latisse. It is generally safe to apply on your lashes and has few side effects if applied carefully. By applying the medication for two months, you can see significant growth in your lashes, but be careful as it should only be applied to the upper lash line.

Moreover, you should remember not to apply Latisse on areas surrounding your eyes as it can lead to hair growth. Also, please be very careful during the application and make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes as it can cause harm to your sensitive eyes.

As a precautionary note, we emphasize consulting with your physician before using Latisse.

3. OTC Lash Serums

Over-the-counter skin care products like lash serums are packed with the goodness of essential oils and other vital ingredients which promote lash growth. Although these products can be quite expensive, they are worth a try if you’re adamant about getting those fuller, longer, and luscious eyelashes.

However, there are multiple lash serums in the market that can confuse you, which is why knowing what to look for in a product is important.

As a heads up, you must buy a product that is hydrating and moisturizing, has the necessary vitamins to strengthen the lashes, and contains peptides. The latter is the most important ingredient that will boost your lash growth, so don’t miss out on that. Besides, you can do your own research and see what works for you.

4. Eyelash Grooming

Lastly, to promote long eyelashes, you should not forget to groom them daily. Here are a few tips that you should follow to give your lashes the appropriate treatment they require.

  • Wash your face and lashes gently
  • Remove your eye makeup
  • Brush your lashes
  • Don’t use lash curlers
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara as it’s hard to clean

Final Remarks

Hoping for long lashes isn’t a sin. And knowing what enriches them and what doesn’t is essential to maintaining healthy lashes. Under the backdrop of the same, we hope we were able to resolve some of your doubts regarding Vaseline and eyelash growth.

To recapitulate a bit, we reassert that Vaseline doesn’t help grow long eyelashes, and it only hydrates them while giving off an illusion of thicker eyelashes. So, if you want longer eyelashes, then just using Vaseline won’t do the job.

Instead, you should try using other essential oils like rosemary or castor oil. They might help you with your lash growth. But for sure-shot results, nothing beats Latisse.

That was all. Till then, keep grooming your lashes for that fun and flirty look!









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