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Cute DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings are super quick and easy to make! These adorable and trendy rainbow earrings would make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (1)

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

Hi friends! I hope you’re all doing well! This past weekend, I made one of my most favorite projects EVER, and I could NOT wait to share it with you!

These DIY rainbow macramé earrings require just a few simple supplies, and they make a HUGE impact! Make them in lots of different color combinations to match your entire wardrobe, and be sure to keep a few extra pairs on hand – they make an AWESOME gift idea!


DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (2)

If you have a Glowforge, I’ll show you how to cut the rainbow pieces from a sheet of hardwood; if not, we also have the precut rainbow jewelry findings available in our shop!

P.S. If you don’t have a Glowforge, but you’ve had your eye on one, you can use our special Glowforge link to save up to $500 on your machine!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (3)

Supplies Needed to Make Rainbow Macramé Earrings:

Get the Rainbow Earring Findings Here:

How to Make Rainbow Macramé Earrings

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (4)

I love, love, LOVE to use my Glowforge Pro for cutting projects like these wood earrings, and it is SUPER quick and easy to use!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (5)

Start by placing a sheet of hardwood in the bed of your Glowforge – I used Proofgrade Walnut Hardwood, but any type of hardwood will work.

(Video) Macrame Rainbow EarringsTUTORIAL#1 | DIY for beginners | boho earrings | Step By Step | WeaveyStudio

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (6)

Open up the Glowforge App software, click the teal “+” button in the upper center of the screen, and upload the rainbow earrings SVG file (available below). Arrange the SVG pieces on your sheet of wood, select your material, and click “Print” in the upper right hand corner. The software will calculate the cutting time and let you know just how long it will take – it only took me two minutes and nine seconds to cut three pairs of earrings!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (7)

Push the button, and watch your Glowforge do all of the hard work for you! It’s like magic!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (8)

Next, cut two pieces of macramé cord to size. Depending on how long you want your rainbows to hang, somewhere between 4-6 inches is a good size.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (9)

Loop one of the strings in half.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (10)

Thread the looped end through the horizontal opening in the rainbow earring.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (11)

Bring the loop back under to the front, and thread the loose ends through it.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (12)

Gently and carefully tighten the loop (the wood earrings are rather sturdy, but they CAN break if you pull too hard on them!) and repeat the process with the other earring.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (13)

Repeat with additional colors as desired. The wood earring bases perfectly fit six colors of 1.5mm Bobbiny macramé cord, but could accommodate seven colors if you squeeze them tightly together.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (14)

As shown, the colors of cording that we used for this pair of earrings are: Wild Rose, Terracotta, Mustard, Eucalyptus Green, Teal, and Blackberry.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (15)

Next, it’s time to trim your macramé cord, so grab a sharp pair of scissors.

(Video) Boho Style Macrame Earrings || Step By Step || By Rann's Art

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (16)

I find that using a bag clip to hold the cording together helps to keep things straight and serves as a useful measuring tool to keep the earrings even.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (17)

Trim your earrings as long or as short as you desire – I kept my cording around 1.5″ long.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (18)

You can leave the earrings with the cording intact as shown, or you can opt to fringe the cording like I did. It looks great both ways, though you should be aware that over time, the cording may eventually start to fray on its own even if you don’t choose to fringe it.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (19)

To fringe the cording, use an inexpensive comb with fairly tight teeth.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (20)

Being careful to avoid the knots, gently run the comb through the cording to untwist and separate the single strands.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (21)

You can see the difference between a fringed/combed earring on the left and a corded earring on the right.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (22)

Finally, use your jewelry pliers to attach the earring hardware (I used two jump rings and an earring wire for each earring).

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (23)

Easy peasy and SUPER cute, don’t you think!? These rainbow earrings would make a fantastic (and inexpensive!) homemade DIY gift idea!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (24)

😍🌈😍🌈😍 OBSESSED. 🌈😍🌈😍🌈😍🌈

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (25)

Repeat with ALL the different color combinations! I promise that once you make one pair, you’re going to want to make many, MANY more!


DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (26)

You don’t have to stick to rainbow colors either – have fun experimenting with all kinds of pretty color combinations!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (27)

They’re all so fun!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (28)

This pair of pretty pastel macramé earrings uses Pink (from the Amazon set mentioned below), Blush, Baby Pink, Mint, Lavender, and Misty colored Bobbiny cord.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (29)
DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (30)

I think this color combination is my most favorite! Cord colors used: Blush, Terracotta, Mustard, Kiwi, Eucalyptus Green, and Teal.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (31)

For this fun pair, I used Wild Rose, Baby Pink, Mint, Misty, Jeans, and Lavender macramé cord.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (32)

I’m telling you, you really won’t be able to stop at just one pair! They’re SO much fun to make!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (33)

I also tested a different brand of vibrant macramé cord from Amazon, and it also worked well, though it was a little more challenging to work with since it is thicker (just shy of 3mm). This thicker cord would probably work best with five colors per earring, though I was able to squeeze six colors in with a little effort.

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (34)

The bold colors REALLY pop, though, so if super bright colors are your jam, you might want to check this brand of cord out!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (35)

No matter which color combination you decide to use, these rainbow macramé earrings are sure to be a HUGE hit!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (36)

Rainbow Earring SVG File

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (37)

To get the Rainbow Earring SVG File, enter your name and email into the form below and click the “Get It Now!” button!

I really hope that you love these rainbow macramé earrings just as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what you make! Be sure to tag us on social media @hiHomemadeBlog to show us your creations!

Happy crafting!

DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (38)
(Video) EASY | Macrame Rainbow | For Beginners

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DIY Rainbow Macramé Earrings (43)
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    I really like the colors you used! very well explained, everything perfect! Thank you!


  2. Dawn says

    Do you glue your knots at all so they don’t come unraveled?


    • Heidi says

      I haven’t had a problem with my knots unraveling, but glue sounds like a good idea if your think yours might come undone! 🙂

      (Video) Rainbow Macramé Earrings ~ tutorial ~



What cord is best for macrame earrings? ›

We recommend waxed linen thread or Kesi Art waxed cotton thread .

What size cord do you need for macrame earrings? ›

You can use anywhere from 1.5 mm all the way up to 5 mm to make macrame earrings like the ones in this tutorial. If you're looking to make a micro macrame pattern, that will require much thinner cord, crochet cotton, or embroidery floss.

Do you need wire for macrame rainbow? ›

The wire is what helps the rope hold the rainbow shape. Each arch needs one piece of wire cut to the size of the exposed rope. Use clear scotch tape to attach the wire to the rope. It's time to start wrapping the yarn around the rope.

Do you sew or glue macrame rainbow? ›

We want to hold the rainbow together as tight as it can go. Alternatively, if sewing isn't for you, you can also use hot glue or super glue to connect these rows. If you have any on hand, just start with the inside layer first, and put a row of glue on the outside of the smallest rainbow piece.

What's the difference between macrame cord and macrame rope? ›

A cord is sturdier than a string, and a rope is even sturdier than a cord. In other settings, ropes are used to tie down heavy objects. But in macrame, you use this material to create robust and heavier pieces.

Can I use regular yarn for macrame? ›

Yarn is sometimes thought of as being made only of wool but it can be composed of any fiber. And, you can absolutely use yarn to knot! We have a plush yet hefty yarn that knots up beautifully for those curious about using wool yarn for macramé click here.

Is macrame cord the same as paracord? ›

If you make paracord bracelets, you know macramé. The same knots are used in both.


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