DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (2023)

These macrame leaf earrings are beautiful craft adults and even teens can make. These earrings are extra cute and a great accessory for any time of the year.
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Boho jewelry is gradually making its way into mainstream jewelry designs. This is not surprising – the boho style will never go out of fashion, period.

But because it is becoming increasingly popular, it can be challenging to find something unique. I’ve tried – and while there are some, they’re not exactly budget-friendly.

After endless searching, I have concluded that the only way to have an authentic piece of jewelry is to make your own set. Believe me, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Take these macramé earrings, for example. It’s an effortless way to craft a gorgeous pair of personalized and unique DIY earrings to help you achieve that perfect chic boho look.

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Table of Contents

How to Make Macrame Earrings

Making these beautiful Macrame earrings are easy and take little time. The process is straightforward, allowing you to style them to add a touch of your personality to your jewelry.

Once you have the materials, and all you have to do is follow the simple steps below.


4mm Single Stranded Cotton Rope

2x jump rings

2x earring hooks

4 beads of choice

Tape (or clips)



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Gather all the things you are going to need in one place. Take the bundle of the rope and cut out strings in preparation for the next steps.

Each pair of earrings requires two long strings and 16 short strings. This is because you will need one long string for the spine and eight (or more) short strings to make each medium-sized feather.


The first step is to take the long string and fold it in half. This will be the center string or spine of the earring. Keep the jump ring handy as we are going to need it for the next step.


Put the jump ring through the folded spine, creating a cotton loop at the top.


Take that loop from the top and bring it down, so it is overlapping the jump ring. It should be on the top of the two loose strings.


Pull the loose strings through the loop. It should create a head knot. Now tighten the knot to secure it.Once the knot is secure, you can move to the next step.


Attach the hook onto the jump ring and use the tape or a clip to hold the top of the earrings in place to keep it stable during the next steps. You are going to need two short strings for either side of the spine to make one knot.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (4)


Put one of the folded short strings underneath the spine. Take the second one, fold it in half, and insert the loop of this one into the ring of the top horizontal strand.


Pull the second string through (without letting it entirely pass through) and lay it horizontally on top of the opposing strand.


Pull the loose ends of the bottom strands all the way through the top loop.


After pulling both sides tightly, you shouldhave a firm knot.


For the next step, change the starting side. For example, if you started the first from right to left (it will make a loop on the right), then start this one from left to right (the loop being on the left).

Repeat the steps given above. Position the first folded strand under the spine. Thread another doubled strand into its loop.

Pull the loose ends of the lower strands through the loop of the top strand and tighten it. Keep repeating this until you have enough strands to create the feather shape.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (5)


Keep going, working gradually down in size. After each knot, be sure to push the strands up to tighten them.

Don’t leave gaps between two knots as the feather will not be dense enough. Comb out the strands before you give it a trim.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (6)


Once you have combed the strands to remove unnecessary knots or folds, give it a rough trim. Don’t worry if it isn’t too perfect at this point, as it is just a guide.

This not only helps in guiding the shape but also makes it convenient to brush the strands out. The shorter the strands, the easier it is for you to brush it out.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (7)


After giving the strands a rough trim, start brushing the strands to separate each thread and uncurl the rope to get the smooth texture of a feather. You have to brush outwards, starting from the spine towards the ends just like you would brush your hair.

Push hard into the cording when brushing to untangle the twist. Start from the top, working your way down.

While combing out the lower strands, hold the bottom of the spine to keep it safe against the force of brushing as it is delicate, and the knot might loosen up.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (8)


Repeat the process on bothsides, and you shouldhave a basic structure. You should be able to see each separate thread by now, as shown in the picture below.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (9)


You can add beads of your choice before the final trim. This is an additional optional step.

You can totally skip it, but I thought it would be a great way to add your personality to your piece. It adds that extra element to make it more unique.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (10)


Put the beads through. Choose the colors of your own choice. Two beads are enough.

Once the beads are through, cut one more short string to secure the beads.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (11)


Tie a thumb knot at the bottom to secure the beads in place. Tighten the knot to make sure it is secure.

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (12)


Comb out the last string and now give the final trim. Be careful while cutting, as this is a challenging part. How you cut the feather is very important as this determines the final shape.

You can use water or stiffener to make the threads a little stiff, making it a lot easier to cut and also makes the thread more durable.

Once you have given it the final trim, let it dry for some time.

That’s it – you finally have a quirky pair of earrings ready to be a part of your next OOTD!

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What Can I Use for Macrame Earrings?

To make these macramé feathers, you can use nylon, silk, satin, rayon, and cotton single twist ropes.It is best to use natural threads like cotton and silk, but you can also use synthetic ropes.

Cotton or other natural fiber gives it a more boho look, but synthetic thread makes it very durable and resilient.

You can go for any of the above threads as all of them work just fine. Go for the ones that are easily available to you.

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DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (15)

Yield: A pair of earrings

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings

DIY Macrame Leaf Earrings (16)

These DIY macrame earrings are fun to make and you'll be able to use them as an accessory! These will be a nice addition to your wardrobe and just a nice DIY project.

Active Time2 hours

Total Time2 hours

Difficultynormal to hard


  • 4mm Single Stranded Cotton Rope
  • 2x jump rings
  • 2x earring hooks
  • 4 beads of choice


  • Tape (or clips)
  • Scissors
  • Haircomb


    1. Gather all your supplies.
    2. Cut two long strings and 16 (or more) short strings for two earrings.
    3. Fold the long string in half and put a jump ring through it.
    4. Secure the jump ring with a knot.Fold the cotton loop downwards and pull the loose strings through it and tighten.
    5. Attach the hook onto the jump ring and secure the top with a tape or a clip.
    6. Take a short string, fold it in half with a loop in the middle, and put it under the spine.
    7. Take the second one then fold it in half.
    8. Insert this folded one into the horizontal strand's loop.
    9. Pull it through and position it horizontally above the opposite strand.
    10. Now, pull the bottom strands all the way around the top loop. Pull both sides tightly. For the next knot, start with the other side and repeat the steps.
    11. Carefully comb out the strands.
    12. Add beads if you like (if you add beads, then add one more string to secure the beads in place).
    13. Make the final trim. Wet the strands to make it more manageable to cut.
    14. Let it dry.
    15. Your earrings are ready to be flaunted!


If that wasn’t enough proof that creating something beautiful and useful doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, I don’t know what will.

Try making these earrings in a myriad of colors using different beads to match your style. You can also create various patterns and sizes as you please.

All the supplies are very affordable and easily available, allowing you to make one for each of your outfits. You can also craft these beauties as a gift your friends and family will surely love and cherish.


What size cord is best for macrame earrings? ›

The best Macrame cords for making earrings are between 1.5mm up to 3mm in thickness and single twisted.

How do you keep macrame leaves stiff? ›

Place heavy paper underneath your macramé leaf, then spray the entire leaf with Stiffen Quik until it's damp. Note: Cotton rope will twist when damp; this is normal. Use your hair comb to brush out the strands of rope and reshape the leaf. Flip the leaf over and reapply Stiffen-Quik generously onto the other side.

What is the best material for macrame earrings? ›

Best Macrame Cords for Earrings

My favorite type of macrame cord to use for earrings is single strand cotton. For the patterns below, I used 3 and 4 mm macrame string in a variety of colors. You can use anywhere from 1.5 mm all the way up to 5 mm to make macrame earrings like the ones in this tutorial.

How do I calculate how much cord I need for macrame? ›

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is to take the finished length of your project and multiply it by 4 to get the length for your cords. Then add extra for however much fringe you want at the end.

What thread is used for macrame earrings? ›

Braided nylon threads

You can also use rat tail yarn or braided nylon yarn . It is a little soft, which allows the knots to hold in place when they are tight but less well than the Linhasita.

Is 3mm or 4mm better for macrame? ›

Medium Ropes, 4mm-7mm are perhaps most commonly used, a great size for macramé beginners, more sturdy than the smaller ropes and the perfect size for plant hangers, wall hangings, furniture, lanterns, curtains, rugs, etc.

Can you use hairspray to stiffen macrame? ›

For Stiff Feathers:

Spray with hairspray or stiffener and place in book for a few hours. Attach jump ring and attach to desired item.

Does hairspray work on macrame? ›

You can choose to spray with starch or hairspray to help it stay manicured. Then lightly smooth with the back of a comb or your hand!

How do you stiffen macrame earrings? ›

Simply apply a thin layer of nail polish to the feathers and allow them to dry. This will help to seal in the feathers and make them more durable. Another way to stiffen macrame feather earrings is to use white glue. Apply a thin layer of glue to the feathers and allow them to dry.

How do you harden leaves for jewelry? ›

Dry the Leaves

Clip leaves from small house or outdoor plants, and press them between the pages of a book in a paper towel. Let them sit for one to two weeks in the book pages until they are completely dried.

What materials are used for macrame earrings? ›

What materials will I need to make macrame earrings?
  • Macrame cord or cotton thread.
  • Scissors (ideally a sharp pair or electric scissors to cut through thick fibers)
  • Jewelry pliers.
  • A comb.
  • Jewelry hardware (hoops, jump rings, fish hooks for jewelry, etc.)
  • Measuring tape.
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