Denture Prices – How Much Do Dentures Cost? (2023)

Table of Contents

  • 1 So What Is The Average Cost Of Dentures?
  • 2 How Much Do Conventional Dentures Cost?
    • 2.1 How Much Do Upper Dentures Cost?
    • 2.2 How Much Do Lower Dentures Cost?
  • 3 Implant Supported Dentures Cost
  • 4 How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?
    • 4.1 Cobalt Chrome Denture Cost
    • 4.2 Removable Acrylic Partial Denture Cost
    • 4.3 Flexible Partial Dentures Cost
  • 5 Immediate Dentures Cost
  • 6 Economy Dentures Cost
  • 7 Temporary Dentures Cost
  • 8 Single Tooth Denture Cost
  • 9 Denture Reline Cost
  • 10 Additional Costs Associated With Dentures:
    • 10.1 1. Tooth Extractions
    • 10.2 2. Denture Repairs
    • 10.3 3. Caring For Dentures
  • 11 What Does It Cost To Go Without Dentures?
    • 11.1 More From My Site

Dentures are nothing more than replacement teeth for missing ones. Full or partial plates are available as are upper or lower denture plates. Regardless of your needs and choice, dentures allow you to retain your speaking ability, facial appearance, and eating skills.

False teeth are not a cheap item to purchase. However, if you consider the function they play in your life and how many years you will be wearing them, the cost of dentures is suddenly put into perspective. Being able to communicate, eat, and drink as well as continue to have a dazzling smile for many years is of much more importance.

With all that said, you still may be wondering… How much do dentures cost? Below we discuss the different denture options as well as some indicative pricing that you may find useful.

So What Is The Average Cost Of Dentures?

It is important to know how much dentures cost. So here we will look at the different false teeth options available, and give you an idea of how much they will cost.

Type of DentureCost of Denture (approx) *
Conventional Dentures$1,275 – $2,950 (uppers or lowers)
Implant-Supported DenturesUp to $50,000
Chrome Cobalt Dentures$825 – $1,925
Acrylic Partial Dentures$380 – $965 (uppers or lowers)
Immediate Dentures$1,495 – $3,270 (uppers or lowers)
Economy Dentures$570 – $1,350 (uppers or lowers)
Single Tooth Denture$100 – $8,500
Denture Reline$280 – $475 (uppers or lowers)

* Please note that pricing for false teeth will vary considerably depending on many factors including between different dentists and your specific circumstances. So your local dentist will be the best person to ask for more precise pricing.

Jump to more information on pricing for the following dentures:

  • Conventional Dentures
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Economy Dentures
  • Temporary Dentures
  • Single Tooth Denture
  • Denture Reline
  • Additional Denture Costs

How Much Do Conventional Dentures Cost?

Denture Prices – How Much Do Dentures Cost? (1)

A conventional denture or full denture is a common choice when a patient has had all of their teeth removed. The advantage of this method is that gum tissue and the jawbone have time to heal before denture construction begins and that the construction is easier for the dentist at this point.

The downside to conventional dentures is that the patient may have to go without having teeth in their mouth for several weeks. This may be bothersome as it will have an impact on speaking, facial appearance as well as eating to the point where diet changes will be required.

Acrylic dentures can come in a variety of designs and construction methods. These range from:

  • standard acrylic material utilizing traditional methods
  • higher quality and come contoured and stippled to create a more natural appearance along the gum line
  • a top-of-the-line acrylic denture that is created with the highest quality materials using injection molding technology. The teeth and gums look natural and are contoured and stippled for a realistic appearance.

Conventional full dentures cost between $1,275 and $2,950 (uppers or lowers).

There may also be a lab fee ranging between $160 and $210.

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How Much Do Upper Dentures Cost?

There is no real pricing distinction for upper dentures alone. The only major difference in the cost of permanent dentures would be if the upper denture was a full plate or a partial. Other than that, cost differences will result from the types of material used in the construction of the denture.

How Much Do Lower Dentures Cost?

Lower dentures cost approximately the same price as uppers simply because the methods and materials used in the construction are the same for lowers as they are for uppers. It is not recommended to have cast metal lowers and acrylic uppers if cost is a factor. Both sets should be of the same style.

Implant Supported Dentures Cost

Implant-supported dentures, or fixed dentures, are a lot more expensive. These dentures are held permanently in place by fixing them to between 2 to 6 dental implants.

Prices vary considerably depending on the work involved, the number of implants, and the type of implant.

A set of upper and lower implant-supported dentures can cost up to $50,000.

How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

A partial denture is different from a full upper or lower plate in that it does not replace all missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. A partial denture replaces one or a few teeth and is typically fashioned to attach to neighboring natural teeth with clips or other attachments.

Cobalt Chrome Denture Cost

A chrome partial denture is removable and made from plastic that is fitted onto a metal framework. This kind of partial denture is considered one of the strongest and most durable of the kinds available. They provide excellent fit and are the most common of the styles in use.

As a rough guide on cobalt chrome denture prices:

  • 1-3 tooth chrome cobalt partial denture – $825 USD
  • 4-8 tooth chrome partial denture – $965 USD
  • 9-14 tooth chrome cobalt partial denture – $1,100 USD
  • A cobalt chrome metal full denture can cost upward of about $1,925 USD.

There may also be a lab fee ranging from $167 and $229.

Removable Acrylic Partial Denture Cost

In addition to the cast metal partial denture mentioned above, a removable partial denture can be made from acrylic material. They also use clips to attach to natural teeth in order to stay in place. The acrylic material is cheaper which has an impact on cost. However, due to the quality of the plastic compared to cast metal, these may not last as long.

An acrylic partial may not have as much durability or strength, and can have a greater effect on natural teeth than cast metal partials, but there is one major advantage. With acrylic partials, if you lose more natural teeth, this partial may be able to be altered to add additional replacement teeth.

As an approximate guide to acrylic partial dentures:

  • 1-3 tooth partial denture – $380-$690 USD
  • 4-8 tooth partial denture – $450-$825 USD
  • 9-14 tooth denture – $480-$965 USD

Flexible Partial Dentures Cost

Acrylic is also used in the construction of flexible removable partial dentures. The term flexible is used in reference to the fact that both the partial base and the tooth clasps used to hold the appliance in place is made from pliable plastic. The plastic is a pinkish color.

The main advantage of wearing a flexible partial denture over the other two styles comes directly from comfort. Because the base and clasps are flexible, they are less likely to become irritating to either the mouth or soft tissue nor will they create irritation to teeth.

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Acrylic flexible partial dentures cost can be between $700 and $2,000 USD, depending on the dentist, the brand used, and the number of teeth to be replaced. Dentists often charge for the base plus a fixed amount for each tooth, so speak to your dentist for a more accurate estimate of the amount they will charge.

Immediate dentures are a completely different method involving false teeth. The term immediate comes from the fact that denture construction begins when the patient still has some teeth. Once the final remaining teeth are removed, the pre-fit dentures are installed immediately afterward.

The advantage of this method is that the patient does not go without teeth for any length of time. Plus, the dentures speed up the healing process of the gum tissue and jawbone. The immediate denture will either need relining or replacing after approximately 6 months due to bone shrinkage. At this point, they may be replaced with permanent dentures.

For more information on the process required for getting dentures in a day, click here.

Immediate dentures can cost between $1,495.00 and $3,270.00 (uppers or lowers).

Economy Dentures Cost

Denture Prices – How Much Do Dentures Cost? (2)

An economy denture differs a great deal from a regular denture. The economy style is typically constructed from a material that is of a lesser quality than normal dentures. Because the lesser quality materials are cheaper in cost for the dentist, this saving is passed on to the patient.

Another form of inexpensive dentures is one that is made from a ‘stock’ denture. This is a pre-made denture that is then fashioned to fit into the patient’s mouth. As this skips several mold-making and fitting steps, it is far more affordable than a regular denture is.

Economy low-cost dentures can cost between $570.00 and $1,350.00 (uppers or lowers).

Temporary Dentures Cost

The term temporary is often confused with immediate dentures because they are the same thing. An immediate denture, which often has to be replaced within six months of installation, makes an immediate denture actually a temporary style of false teeth.

Because immediate dentures are not intended for long-term use, they are meant to be transitional in that they give a patient a full set of teeth faster than conventional dentures can. However, after six months, the patient will most likely be looking at permanent, conventional dentures anyway.

Single Tooth Denture Cost

There are many different types of single tooth dentures. Each one is related specifically to the style required for the replacement tooth.

There is a soft tissue-borne single tooth denture. This is typically a tooth with a bracket or gripping appliance that fits over the gum to stay in place.

Another style is the tooth-borne dentures which are held in place by other teeth.

(Video) How much does an immediate denture cost?

Another type of single tooth denture is a tooth and tissue-borne partial. It is held in place by the gum tissue and clips or brackets that wrap around adjoining teeth.

There are also DIY single-tooth denture options. These are primarily only to be used on a temporary basis until you can see your dentist for a more permanent solution. For this reason, single tooth denture prices vary considerably.

A single tooth denture can cost between $100.00 and $8,500.00

For more information on some different options available to replace a single tooth, click here.

Denture Reline Cost

As you age, the fit of your dentures will differ slightly. This is primarily due to changes taking place in your jaw bone and the gum tissue. Ordinarily, the two tend to shrink slightly over time. When this happens, dentures become loose and can rub against the mouth and gums.

This rubbing action can develop into serious problems if not treated quickly. The best solution is often to have your dentures relined. A relining involves an application of a resin that is molded to the shape of your gum line. It makes a better fit in the long run and can be done by your dentist.

There are two different ways in which a reline can be completed. A lab reline involves a new gum impression and dentures having to be fitted with the new impression. A chair-side reline involves the plastic compound applied to the denture and placed in the mouth to set.

A complete denture reline (chair-side) can cost between $280.00 and $395.00 (uppers or lowers).

A complete denture reline (lab) can cost between $350.00 and $475.00 (uppers or lowers).

There may also be a lab fee ranging from $50.00 to $75.00.

There are also denture reliner and cushion kits available. These may not do as good a job as professional relines by dentists, but may be able to help you out if money is a bit tight or if you need a quick reliner option. For information on the best denture reliner and cushion DIY options, click here.

For a quick overview of how a dentist performs a denture reline, watch this short video below…

Additional Costs Associated With Dentures:

Aside from the lab fees noted above, for some types of dentures and under specific circumstances there are other costs to consider. This could include:

(Video) Types of dentures are there & cost involved - Dr. Sharon Colaco Dias

1. Tooth Extractions

If you have not had all of your teeth removed, you may require extractions of the remaining teeth. This is common when immediate dentures are being purchased. Tooth extraction costs vary:

A simple extraction can add to the cost of permanent dentures by between $75.00 and $450.00 per tooth

Surgical extractions can cost between $150 and $650 per tooth.

2. Denture Repairs

Dentures are not made of material that will not get damaged in some way. Unfortunately, dropping dentures accidentally can end up breaking or cracking them.

While there are several over-the-counter and do-it-yourself options for various repairs, your dentist will do the best denture repair good job.

Dentist office repairs for dentures can cost between $50.00 and $200.00 (uppers or lowers).

Drugstore DIY repair kits for dentures can cost between $10.00 and $50.00 (uppers or lowers). For more information on how to repair a broken denture, click here for an in-depth article on the different options available.

3. Caring For Dentures

Once you have your dentures, you have to then take care of them to ensure they look great and last as long as possible. Unfortunately, your denture cleaning routine will differ somewhat from your natural teeth cleaning procedure.

There are a few extra things to consider when cleaning your dentures. For an in-depth look at what is involved, click here.

What Does It Cost To Go Without Dentures?

For some, the cost of permanent dentures, or any other types of false teeth option, is way out of their budget. However, if you have lost all or some of your teeth the most logical replacement is with denture appliances.

False teeth allow you to continue to function normally in speaking, smiling, and eating. And there are many options for styles and materials available… many of which may be more affordable than you may think. As such, there should be no reason to go without dentures.

For many, the cost of dentures may be more than they would like to spend. However, the inconvenience, as well as the look and feel of alternatives (one of which is obviously to have no teeth at all) means that they will find a way to get false teeth, and then look after them so they will look great and last as long as possible.

So how much do dentures cost? Well, as you can see… that depends on many things. For more information on your specific needs and the costs associated with your false teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist today and you’ll be smiling again soon.

(Video) How much dentures cost! Going over pricing. Affordable and Aspen prices!

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How much do the best dentures cost? ›

The specific cost depends on the quality of the materials used. A basic set of full dentures might cost anywhere from $600 – $1,500, midrange quality dentures might cost between $1,500 – $3,000, and a premium set could be $3500 – $15,000.

What type of dentures are the best? ›

In terms of stability, snap-in dentures are the best. These dentures securely snap into place with the aid of anchors on existing teeth or dental implants. These dentures are suitable for a patient without any teeth, but who has enough bone tissue to support an implant.

Are dentures covered by Medicare? ›

Dental services

Medicare doesn't cover most dental care (including procedures and supplies like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices).

What are the most realistic dentures? ›

Implant-retained means they are fixed in place with the help of dental implants surgically placed within the gums, thus makin them some of the most natural-looking, realistic dentures on the market today.

Which dentures are most comfortable? ›

Flexible dentures are thin, lightweight, and pliable, which means they're more comfortable than traditional dentures. There's no long adjustment period needed when you start wearing them. Flexible dentures do not absorb odors or stains.

What type of dentures are most natural looking? ›

Custom Dentures

These dentures are made of more expensive teeth, which gives you a more natural-looking smile. One can actually see the new denture before it's completed. This denture is customized for one's smile, so it's natural looking and suits one's needs.

What are the latest new dentures? ›

Peek dentures have many benefits. They are metal-free, more aesthetic, lightweight, and slightly flexible. When designed with digital scans, they are also made to fit precisely in place. Many of our patients also find that with proper maintenance, these peek dentures last longer than the more traditional materials.

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled? ›

The general rule after having your teeth extracted to get dentures is to wait between three to six months.

What is a better option than dentures? ›

The most common and effective alternative to dentures is dental implants. Dental implants are titanium fixtures that are surgically inserted into your jawbone and act as anchors to hold in your replacement teeth.

How often will Medicare pay for a set of dentures? ›

Will pay a coinsurance. The average coinsurance for extensive dental services, like dentures, is 50% of the total cost. May have to pay an additional monthly premium for extensive dental coverage. Are typically eligible for a new set of dentures every five years.

Will Medicare pay for dentures or implants? ›

The Medicare law doesn't allow for coverage of dental care or services needed for the health of your teeth, including cleanings, fillings, dentures and tooth extractions. This also includes dental implants.

Does Medicare cover dental implants 2023? ›

Does Medicare cover dental implants? No, Original Medicare doesn't provide coverage for dental implants. However, some Medicare Advantage plans do offer some coverage for dental implants, so be sure to review your specific policy before pursuing any procedures.

What is a premium denture? ›

Premium dentures look more like your natural teeth than traditional dentures because they have more molds and shades to select from. Made from high quality materials, they last longer, allowing for better chewing, a natural appearance, and optimal function.

Which is worse upper or lower dentures? ›

In most cases, the lower denture is much less stable than the upper denture. This is due to the shape of the gums on the lower ridge and movement of the denture caused by the tongue. Ask your prosthodontist about supporting your lower denture with dental implants.

How much are snap on dentures? ›

Snap-on dentures can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 in the US, depending on how many implants you get and where you go. You may be able to finance them in various ways. One of the best financing options is just to ask your dentist about payment plans, so you can spread your payments out over time.

How much does it cost to get full dentures without insurance? ›

Denture costs without insurance are impacted by how many teeth are damaged, the materials used, and the need for preliminary treatments before getting dentures. Partial dentures can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500 without insurance. On the other hand, full dentures can cost up to $3,500.

How to choose dentures? ›

When choosing dentures, you should look for:
  1. An experienced dentist who provides dentures routinely.
  2. A dentist who can show you before-and-after images of their patients who have received dentures.
  3. A dentist who prioritizes the quality, form and function of the dentures he or she provides.
Jan 22, 2020

Can you perform oral with dentures? ›

Can you perform oral sex? Of course it is. Many people are afraid to kiss another person or perform oral sex for fear that their partner – if he or she doesn't know – will notice that they have dentures.

Can dentures be permanently glued in? ›

It has emerged as a permanent solution to missing teeth. An implant-supported denture is not only a modern technique to get dental dentures permanently attached, but it also is superior to false teeth or conventional dentures.

Can you get dentures without the palate? ›

Thanks to modern dentistry, upper dentures are now made without the palate, also known as palateless dentures or horseshoe dentures. This type of denture is made for patients who do not have all their upper teeth. Palateless dentures can be used with overdentures, removable restoration, and dental implants.

What foods Cannot be eaten with dentures? ›

To keep your dentures from coming loose or getting damaged, we recommend avoiding the following food groups as much as possible.
  • Hard foods. ...
  • Sticky foods. ...
  • Tough meats. ...
  • Foods and drinks that stain. ...
  • Raw fruit and veg for smoothies. ...
  • Steak for minced meat or just sous-vide! ...
  • Seeded bread for whole grain. ...
  • Nuts for olives and grapes.
Jun 1, 2021

Is there a difference in quality of dentures? ›

Quality Denture Materials Make All The Difference

Often, higher quality means that we make dentures with choice of high grade acrylics, porcelain to simulate or match natural teeth. As a result, these dentures will last for years to come. Gum color also plays a role in how natural looking your dentures may be.

How many teeth can a dentist pull in one day? ›

There is no limit to the number of teeth you can have extracted at once. While having multiple teeth extracted during the same procedure is rare, it is sometimes the only option for patients with severe tooth decay.

How long does a full mouth extraction take? ›

How long does it take to do a full mouth extraction? In most cases, this procedure lasts no longer than 2 or 3 hours, but it does depend on how many teeth need to be extracted as well as the steps that your dentist needs to take in order to ensure the smoothest extraction possible.

Do all teeth get pulled for dentures? ›

Will I Need to Have Teeth Removed for Dentures? For a full set of dentures, you may need to have teeth extracted. This is a good option if you have multiple missing teeth or if most (or all) of your teeth are decaying or significantly weakened to the point that they would need to be extracted anyway.

What is the cheapest alternative to dentures? ›

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can give your teeth full coverage protection. These can be considered as a cheap alternative to dentures and dental implants. There are various kinds of dental crowns, such as porcelain and porcelain fused with different materials like stainless steel, metal, or gold.

What's the cheapest pair of dentures? ›

Low-cost dentures — $300 to $500 per denture or $600 to $1,000 for a complete set. Mid-priced dentures — $500 to $1,500 per denture or $1,000 to $3,000 for a set. Premium dentures — $2,000 to $4,000 per denture or $4,000 to $8,000 for a set.

Why are dentures not recommended? ›

Dentures put pressure not only on your gums but also on the various boney ridges that are under them. This can cause reabsorption, which will result in a gradual decrease in the bone density and volume in your jaw. Bone loss and the process of reabsorption can happen quickly if dentures are worn 24/7.

How many visits does it take to get dentures? ›

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET DENTURES? It may only take a few months from your first appointment to the day where you'll feel fully at ease with your new dentures. You should expect to make four or five appointments with your dentist over a period of three to six weeks, but this does vary from person to person.

How often can you get new dentures? ›

The American Dental Association recommends you replace your dentures every 5-7 years for proper fit and appearance. Denture teeth can wear down and stain faster than natural teeth, and tissues in your mouth may change over time.

Does Medicare cover snap on dentures? ›

Does Medicare cover dentures? En español | No. Medicare doesn't cover dentures or other dental devices, such as partial plates, nor does it cover routine dental care, such as dental exams, cleanings and X-rays. It also doesn't cover most dental procedures, such as extractions and root canals.

Should an 80 year old get dental implants? ›

Luckily, dental implants are just as effective and long-lasting in older age. Dental implants often change older people's lives for the better, giving them improved physical health and more confidence. No age is too old for dental implants.

Which Medicare Advantage plan has the best dental coverage 2023? ›

If you're looking for the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare Advantage, here are our top picks for 2023.
  • Best for size of dental network: UnitedHealthcare.
  • Best for comprehensive coverage: Cigna & Aetna (tie).
  • Best for member satisfaction: Kaiser Permanente.
  • Best for low-cost plans: Humana.
Feb 13, 2023

What are snap on dental implants? ›

A snap-on denture is essentially an “overdenture.” It looks completely identical to a traditional denture. But if you turn it over, there are special locators underneath the plate that will snap or clip onto a corresponding dental implant.

Are dental implants painful? ›

How painful is the implant surgery? Dental implant surgery involves trauma to both the gums and the jaw. The surgery itself should not involve any pain since the mouth will be numbed. As the numbness wears off, though, patients will often feel some level of pain.

What is the average cost of top and bottom dentures? ›

How Much Is a Full Set of Dentures? Complete dentures for the upper and lower teeth average around $3,200 for conventional and $3,400 for immediate. Costs for only the upper or lower is half that.

What are high end dentures made of? ›

Quality dentures are typically made out of porcelain or acrylic resin. Porcelain dentures come with teeth that look more natural, but they can cause damage to your remaining teeth. Dentures consisting of resin are not as durable, but they cause less damage to your natural teeth and they are stain-resistant.

What are permanent dentures called? ›

Permanent Dentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, are a perennial solution to missing teeth. This denture alternative restores a full mouth of teeth for a stunning and fully functional smile! They are supported by 4-6 dental implants placed on your jaw.

Why do dentures have to cover the roof of the mouth? ›

Normally, upper dentures cover the top of the mouth so thoroughly that a person's ability to taste and experience their food is diminished, not to mention hamper proper function.

Whats considered a high quality denture? ›

Porcelain is harder than acrylic. This makes dentures more durable. Also, porcelain dentures provide excellent aesthetics since the replacement teeth look a lot more like natural teeth. This material is better for bearing the daily wearing of teeth while we talk, chew or bite.

How painful are immediate dentures? ›

Wearing immediate dentures right away over extractions normally is no more uncomfortable than the extractions alone. Discomfort is managed with proper anesthesia and pain medication. Immediate dentures act like a Band Aid bandage, holding tissues together and protecting them during healing.

What is the average cost of top dentures? ›

They're considered top-of-the-line because they look the most realistic to your teeth and last the longest. A complete set of top-of-the-line dentures ranges anywhere from $1,000–$5,000. Partial acrylic sets can be anywhere from $770–$1,079.

Are regular dentures better than snap-in dentures? ›

Compared with conventional dentures, snap-in dentures tend to fit better and are more comfortable. There is less friction on the gums as a result of wearing a snap-in denture. Many people consider snap-in dentures to be more natural looking than conventional dentures.

How much does it cost for full mouth dental implants? ›

Full Mouth Implants

The cost for this type of implant-supported dentures can vary from $7,000 to $90,000. The average cost for full mouth implants is about $34,000. A top or bottom set of dentures can cost about $3,500 to $30,000. Full mouth dental implants are strong and secure.

Are premium dentures worth it? ›

Quality Denture Materials Make All The Difference

As a result, these dentures will last for years to come. Gum color also plays a role in how natural looking your dentures may be. High quality denture offers a better match to your skin tone and existing gum tissue characteristics including special shading and tinting.

Which dentures last the longest? ›

Dentures last for a long time, but permanent dentures are more durable and can last a lifetime. A dentist will need to check your dentures time to time.

Which is better acrylic or porcelain dentures? ›

Acrylic is softer than porcelain, making it less durable. Porcelain dentures are very long-lasting. Porcelain teeth are more likely to develop fractures, unlike acrylic dentures. Unlike porcelain, acrylic dentures resist staining but they need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria.

How many appointments are needed for a full denture? ›

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET DENTURES? It may only take a few months from your first appointment to the day where you'll feel fully at ease with your new dentures. You should expect to make four or five appointments with your dentist over a period of three to six weeks, but this does vary from person to person.

Can I have all my teeth pulled and get dentures? ›

Full-Mouth Replacement With Traditional Dentures

First, impressions are taken of your existing teeth. Next, after your extractions are done, you'll have the option of using immediate, temporary dentures while you fully heal. Then your permanent dentures can be made.

What is the cheapest set of dentures? ›

Low-cost dentures — $300 to $500 per denture or $600 to $1,000 for a complete set. Mid-priced dentures — $500 to $1,500 per denture or $1,000 to $3,000 for a set. Premium dentures — $2,000 to $4,000 per denture or $4,000 to $8,000 for a set.

Can you get dentures the same day as extraction? ›

An immediate denture is a partial or full denture procedure on the same day of your tooth extraction. The prime benefit of immediate dentures is that you never have to go without your pearly white and vibrant smile. In other words, you can use your immediate dentures immediately after your teeth extraction.


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